First Step into Orchard Core

This afternoon, I decided to take a look at Orchard Core, an open-source CMS (Content Management System) built on top of an ASP .NET Core application framework.

Since it is open-source, I easily forked its repository from Github and then checked out its dev branch.

After waiting for less than one minute to get all the Nuget packages restored in the project, I set OrchardCore.Cms.Web as the default project. Then I tried to run it but it failed with tons of errors. One of the major errors is “Assembly location for Razor SDK Tasks was not specified”. According to online discussion, it turns out that .NET Core 2.2 is needed.

After downloading the correct SDK, the projects are now successfully built with the following web page pops out as a result.

Take note that, as shown in the screenshot above, when I fill in Table Prefix, it will throw me exception saying that “SqlException: Invalid object name ‘OrchardroadDocument’” during the setup stage, as shown in the following screenshot.

Hence, the best way to proceed is to not enter anything to the Table Prefix textbox. Then we will be able to setup our CMS successfully. Once we log in to the system as Super User, we can proceed to configure the CMS.

Yup, this concludes my first attempt with the new Orchard Core CMS. =)


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