The Little Problem when Consuming .NET Web Service via kSOAP

In one of our projects, we have a .NET web service. On the client side, we have phone running Android which will consume the web service. Hence, the first option that came to my teammate’s mind is to use kSOAP2, a lightweight SOAP client library for Android.


When we first tried out our Android app, we realized that it worked fine if the app was calling a web method with no parameter. However, when the app called another web method with one or more parameters, the web service complaint that the value it received was always null.

My colleague discovered this issue around 5:40pm, 20 minutes before I could leave the office. I always hope that I can enjoy a sunset on my way back from office. Hence, I decided to help him settle that little problem within the 20 minutes. Otherwise, I might miss the sunset for the day.

Just a monkey watching the sunset

Just a monkey watching the sunset

First Check: Parameter Name

According to an article on CodeProject regarding kSOAP and .NET web services, it is a must to have the name and type of PropertyInfo to be the same as the web method parameter name and type.

My colleague had the parameter name same and the type is always string. So, this is not the cause.

Second Check: dotNet Flag

I am not sure why some people saying that the dotNet flag doesn’t need to be set to true (or commented out). However, it turns out that later even when we didn’t do anything about this dotNet flag, it still worked. So we just kept the following line in our code.

envelope.dotNet = true;

Third Check: Namespace

I finally came across this discussion on Stack Overflow which suggested that the problem we’re facing was probably caused by the namespace. DanneJaha, the author of the post, commented that if trailing “/” was used in our web service, we needed to have the same in our application as well.

After we added the trailing “/”, our application worked when calling web methods with parameters! Yahoo!

If this doesn’t help in your case, according to other comments on Stack Overflow, the namespace, SOAP action, etc are case sensitive. So, please check that too.

30 Minutes Crash Course of kSOAP

I left the office around 6:10pm so I still had chance to enjoy the sunset.

Anyway, this is actually a good opportunity for me to learn a bit about kSOAP and how Android app communicates with .NET web service. So, it’s fun to get involve in some other projects which you are not working on usually. =)

There are more to learn though.


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