Use Technology to Give You a Hug: T.Jacket

Two months ago, I met my senior, Lai Sep Riang, who is now a CTO in a newly founded local startup, T.Ware. T.Ware is a team of young and talented people who focusing on modern wearable technology. Wearable technology, or wearable devices, are clothes or accessories that has computer and electronic devices built-in. I came to know more about this term after the recent announcement of some exciting wearable technology products, such as Google Glass and Smart Contact Lens Project from Google. T.Jacket from the T.Ware team is also an interesting wearable electronic item and, more importantly, it is a local product (Yay!).

T.Jacket has similar design as fitness weighted vest. The fitness weighted vest is simply a vest loaded with a certain amount of weight. People wear it for fitness workout because the carrying of extra weight helps burning calories. So, what a T.Jacket can do is not just providing deep pressure, but also giving the user a way to control both the pressure amount and the pressure pattern. By linking the electronic device in the jacket with the T.Jacket Android app via Bluetooth, the user can easily manage the air pressure in the jacket. Hence, T.Jacket can be considered as a smart version of traditional weighted vest.

T-Jacket Android App

T-Jacket Android App

Who will be using T.Jacket? Based on what I understand from discussion with James Teh, the founder and CEO of T.Ware, T.Jacket is made for children with sensory disorder and autistic disorder. T.Jacket is designed to provide pressure therapy to the children which helps calming them down.

James and Sep Riang also happily lent me a T.Jacket for me to try. The one that I got is the T.Jacket without long sleeves. Personally, I like this version because it will not be comfortable to wear long sleeve in Singapore. I wear it sometimes in the air-conditioned office when the weather is cold. I only switched on the deep pressure device once because using Bluetooth will increase my smartphone power consumption a lot.

I sometimes wore T.Jacket to work. I also walked around at City Hall area with the T.Jacket on. I realized that no one actually found out that I was wearing something special. This is because you just can’t tell from the outside that it is a wearable device. In fact, the T.Ware team already thought about this when they were designing the product. T.Jacket should still look like a usual jacket. It also shouldn’t cause the person who wears it to feel insecure or strange. That’s one thing that I like about T.Jacket.

Another nice thing about T.Jacket is that it comes with an online portal that provides a channel for the child and his/her parents to monitor the acitvities. Their web portal, aka T.Cloud, is actually very user friendly and straightforward. There is a section where you can get to see the date, time, pressure amount of the activities done. You can also get to tag the activity so that in the future the system gets to know more accurately about the action you are doing.

T-Cloud: Monitoring your activities with T.Jacket.

T-Cloud: Monitoring your activities with T.Jacket.

In fact, according to James and Sep Riang, T.Ware is currently doing well in getting funds and supports from many parties. They even got the chance to demonstrate the use of T.Jacket to the Singapore President. I am impressed by their work to produce such an impressive technology to the kids with special needs. So hopefully I will get to see one more successful local startup story and it’s about T.Ware. =)

The team presented T.Jacket to the President of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan.

The team presented T.Jacket to the President of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan.


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