Rubber Band Launcher. Phew, Phew, Phew!

Last month, I went to School of Computing, NUS to attend the third School of Computing Term Project Showcase (STePS). During the event, I got the opportunity to meet Jonathan Sim from Team Annikken. He was also there to take a look at the cool student projects.

Team Annikken is part of the Singapore based company, Piasim Corporation. Piasim Corporation is currently a distributor and integrator of laser and optice devices. In order to explore into other fields, they formed the Team Annikken in 2010.

I came to know about Annikken in the Google DevFest Singapore 2013. Their key product, Annikken Andee, was introduced by Harish Pillay from Red Hat. He said he was very excited about this product because it was made by a group of talented engineers in Singapore. So, what exactly is Annikken Andee?

Annikken Andee provides a solution for the developers to easily build a smartphone app to interact with the Arduino. Without Annikken Andee, developers normally need to work on both the smartphone app programming and the Arduino programming. Now, with the help of Annikken Andee as the Bluetooth shield between the smartphone and Arduino, the developers can skip the time-consuming smartphone app programming part and directly work on the Arduino programming. This is all because Annikken Andee also comes with their own libary for the Arduino IDE.

Annikken Andee can work well with different types of Arduino, such as Uno, Leonardo, and Mega. At the smartphone side, Annikken Andee offers a free Android app to download. After downloading the app from the Play Store, we can just choose the Annikken Andee that we want to connect to via Bluetooth. Then a corresponding GUI will appear on the app itself.

Rubber Band Launcher

Rubber Band Launcher

Before the closing of the STePS, Jonathan happily demonstrated a toy that he built with Annikken Andee. It is basically a rubber band launcher. By putting the rubber band on the machine, he easily controlled the position and behavior of the launcher via an Android phone. So, the launcher will face different direction and then fire the rubber band based on the commands it receives.

Jonathan Sim from Team Annikken was giving explanation to the students on how Annikken Andee worked.

Jonathan Sim from Team Annikken was giving explanation to the students on how Annikken Andee worked.

There were students watching Jonathan’s Annikken Andee demo also. The students were really actively showing their interest by asking questions. I’m guessing with the help of both Arduino and Annikken Andee, the schools will be able to get more students to show more interest in Computer Engineering. What I heard from Jonathan is that there are already many polytechnics in Singapore are interested in Annikken Andee and Arduino. That is a good news. =)


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