From Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

Yesterday night, I was updating Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 to enjoy the new exciting features offered in the latest version of Windows.

Although it’s said to be very simple to update to Windows 8.1 for those who were already using Windows 8, I was stuck in the first step. I couldn’t find the Windows 8.1 update on Windows Store. The update should be provided as free on Windows Store. After reading the help, it turned out that the reason why the update wasn’t available was due to the fact that some important Windows updates were not installed on the computer, especially the KB2871389. Thus, before getting the Windows 8.1 update, I downloaded the required Windows updates in PC Settings.

Downloading Windows Update

Downloading Windows Update (20 minutes)

After successfully installed the updates and restarted my computer, I finally could see the Windows 8.1 update in the Windows Store!

Windows 8.1 Update for Free!

Windows 8.1 Update for free!

It took about one and half hour to finish downloading the update. After that it took another few hours to complete the installation and setup. I went to sleep after starting the update. So by the time I woke up, Windows 8.1 was already ready to use!

Windows 8.1 Is Ready!

Windows 8.1 is ready!

Meanwhile, there is a happy user commenting on EsplanadeGo!, the Windows 8 app developed by my NUS coursemate and me! It’s great to see there are people out there who love using your apps, isn’t it? =D

EsplanadeGo! User Review

Thanks Jackson Loh for supporting our app, EsplanadeGo!.


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