Long Weekend Activity #2: 3D Modelling with SketchUp

I saw a status on Facebook saying that a professional model submitted her resume to a company looking for 3D modeller. I think most probably she misread “3D modeller” as “36D model” or something. So, I wonder whether people do read the job position and requirements that they are applying for carefully. However, if she is really interested in 3D modelling, she can probably try out some free 3D modelling software first.

SketchUp is one of the free 3D modelling software. When I first downloaded it in 2011, it was still a product of Google. Today it is owned by Trimble Navigation.

I did a simple 3D model of the Town Hall from Warcraft II in my first experiment with the SketchUp. I did not even need to read any tutorial before using it as it’s quite easy to use. In fact, there is also a small window called Instructor to guide users on using the available tools with simple steps.

First Attempt: Warcraft II Town Hall (done in 2011)

First Attempt: Warcraft II Town Hall (done in 2011)

Actually there is no need to model everything from scratch. SketchUp got this 3D Warehouse, the largest repository of free 3D content, where many well-done 3D model can be downloaded. I downloaded a nuclear power plant 3D model from there and after a few modification, I got the one as shown in the following picture.

Power Plant (modified based on the original one from 3D Warehouse)

Power plant (modified based on the original one from 3D Warehouse)

So, how to learn more about SketchUp? Well, there are tutorials and forum available on their official site. Also, many videos about SketchUp can be easily found on YouTube, for example the one telling the story of how Massive Black, an entertainment design studio, uses SketchUp.


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