Chinese New Year Special: LAMP and CodeIgniter

10 February is the Chinese New Year. I went back to my home in Malaysia  As a multiracial country, Malaysia celebrates this festival with great fanfare as well. So, in the past few days, I got to play and eat a lot without worrying about my work too much. Also, I had more time to work on some personal projects. =D

Chinese New Year dinner!

Chinese New Year dinner!

Since it’s a new year, I decided to work on a totally new project with PHP, a language that I have not been using for about one year. With a few years of experience on using PHP and Drupal, I would like to try a new PHP web application framework which is known as CodeIgniter. I first heard it from my friend last year but I only got the time to play with it now.

Install LAMP

After Windows 8 on my laptop was expired, I changed to use Fedora a few weeks ago. Hence, I am a beginner in the world of Linux. Before working on the PHP project, I have to install the LAMP programs, like Apache, MySQL and PHP on my laptop again.

There are some helpful tutorials online to install three of them. Here is just a list of websites that I referred to during the installation process.

Hello-world Project: Hack Life

CodeIgniter is using MVC design pattern, something I never heard of before when I was developing web app using Drupal. Drupal does not comply with the MVC design. I just googled and found that Drupal is actually using something called PAC (Presentation-Abstraction-Control) design pattern.

There are very simple and detailed getting-started tutorials available on CodeIgniter website. After going through the tutorials, I can already build a simple web app. The app is called Hack Life which will show a quote randomly retrieved from the database.

Randomly Retrieved Quote on Hack Life

Randomly Retrieved Quote on Hack Life Homepage

So, in this Chinese New Year, I not only got to eat nice food, watch great fireworks, but also learn some new stuff. =D


3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year Special: LAMP and CodeIgniter

    • Nothing special. Most of them are still work related. Recently I’m learning Windows 8 and Android app development but yeah, I don’t really have too much time working on the personal projects. I can only spend more time on them during holidays, as you can see. =P

      By the way, happy CNY to you!

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