MS Campfire: Talks, Codes and Buffet

Me: “There is an interesting event organized by Microsoft. Could I take one-day leave to join it?”

Boss: “Oh? Why do you need to take leave? You can just join it since it’s a good opportunity to learn exciting stuff, right?”

Thanks to my boss, I was allowed to take part in MS Campfire even though that day is a working day. Thus, I was glad to have my boss to support me in learning more. Of course, I had to write a report regarding what I had learnt from the talks since my boss hoped that other software engineers could benefit from that also.

MS Campfire was a 2-day event where many great speakers from Singapore and oversears were invited to give interesting talks on exciting topics:

  1. Mobile App Design
  2. Gamification
  3. Key HTML5 Must-Know Features
  4. The Importance of Prototype
  5. Windows 8 Development and the Metro Design Language
  6. The Kinect Effect

I enjoyed the presentation given by Rob Miles, lecturer from University of Hull. His presentation was about Kinect and a bit of Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. His Kinect app demos were all very cute, especially the Bug Splat Game. All his slides and codes used in his talk could be found in his blog:

WinRT introduced during the Win8 talk was also very interesting. It’s exciting to see now developers can build Metro style app with JavaScript (together with HTML and CSS) also! In the talk, Hammad Rajjoub and Bruce Wang from Microsoft also showed us how to easily add Search Contract and Share Contract easily to the app that we built. So, now by entering keywords in the search box, the users are able to search for the content published by our apps also. It’s quite cute, isn’t it?

Yup, overall, it was a nice learning experience. =)

MS Campfire: Buffet

Oh, nice buffet (this is the only photo found in the Spiffy #MSCampfire album that has me inside). Photo Credits: Spiffy


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