A Dynamic Web Page: Linking Up Website and Google Docs

One day, my friend told me that many websites were outdated or not maintained because it was sometimes troublesome to update the HTML files stored in the servers frequently. So, he was finding a solution where the text of the website was not in the HTML files, instead the text would be stored at a place where people could easily access and edit. I agreed with him. For example, in a university course homepage, there was a web page listing the recent news happening in the course. It turned out that even the prof found it troublesome because the News section of the website was never updated after the second week of the semester.

Dynamic Pages with Google Docs API
Hence, my friend and I were trying to find ways to solve the problem. Finally, we had this idea of turning the web pages into dynamic web pages by using the help of the Google Spreadsheets API. By using this methods, in the future, whenever we need to update those dynamic web pages, we can just update the spreadsheet in Google Docs. After that, the JavaScript code in those dynamic web pages will automatically retrieve the latest changes made in the Spreadsheet and then updates the corresponding parts in those web pages. In order to let the JavaScript get the updates of the Spreadsheet, the Spreadsheet is published as RSS feeds.

JSON + XML = Connection Between GDocs Spreadsheet and Web Pages

JSON + XML = Connection Between GDocs Spreadsheet and Web Pages


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