YouTube Re-Player (Localhost)

There are a lot of music videos available on YouTube, the largest worldwide video-sharing community. However, YouTube does not allow user to play a YouTube video over and over again without pressing the Replay button. Hence, it is quite troublesome for user to just loop a YouTube music video. In addition, for those who do not have a YouTube account, they also cannot keep their favourite YouTube videos in their computer, unless they bookmark the URL to the videos.

Hence, since November 2008, I had tried to find out the ways to solve these problems. In January 2009, I built the YouTube Re-Player (Localhost) 1.0, which not only allowed the user to replay the YouTube videos without clicking on the Replay button, but also stored the URL of the YouTube videos in the user’s computer.

The GUI of YouTube Re-Player (Localhost) 1.0

YouTube Re-Player (Localhost) 1.0

In May 2009, the YouTube Re-Player (Localhost) 2.0 was successfully completed. The main improvement was allowing user to have a faster way to edit and load the music videos with the help from AJAX. The Presentation Mode was added as a new feature in the version also.

The GUI of YouTube Re-Player (Localhost) 2.0

YouTube Re-Player (Localhost) 2.0

About YouTube Re-Player (Localhost)
YouTube Re-Player (Localhost) is an application running on the localhost. This explains the word “Localhost” in its name. Both the first and second versions use PHP and JavaScript.

YouTube Re-Player (Localhost) allow the users to give a new name and description for the YouTube videos they added to it.



The JavaScript is used to do the paging. In every page, the list only displays eight video links. If there are more than eight videos in the database, then the rest of the links will go to the next page. The JavaScript is used here so that the page will not be refreshed when the user goes to another page. In the second version, there are two options, i.e. “Prev” and “Next”, added to the page options list. So, even if there are many videos, the user won’t find it difficult to navigate.

With JavaScript, the background of YouTube Re-Player will display different colour based on the time of day. The background will change based on the time of day.

YouTube Re-Player 2.0 (Localhost) Background Color

Background Color

In the second version, the AJAX technology is used to load the video and its information. Hence, the user can easily change the video to view or update its information without refreshing the whole page. Because of the AJAX, the user is able to have a faster way to edit the video information and load his favourtie music videos.

Edit Video Info with AJAX Help

Edit Video Info with AJAX Help

Another new feature added to the YouTube Re-player is the “Presentation Mode” which allows user to hide the videos list and to show only the video player. This is useful because sometimes there is a need to play a YouTube video over and over during the presentation. It will be a bit strange if the videos list is shown during the presentation. Hence, the second version provides the user an option to hide the videos list.

Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode

The Database Management System used in both versions is Sybase, not MySQL. Thus, before using the YouTube Re-Player, the user has to install the Sybase in his computer.

Feedback from Friends
1. The user should be able to enter subtitle to the videos.
2. It shouldn’t use the Sybase as its DBMS.
3. It should have a full screen mode.


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